Wednesday, June 8, 2011


i love music, friends, family, books, movies, clothes, magazines, boots.

but i'm not perfect. i mean, obviously no one is, but i am SERIOUSLY not perfect! i have done many wrong things in my life, and i go through friends like tissues, no joke. i dont think it's cos i'm not a good friend, i think its cos i dont pick good people. but lately i think i've chosen right, and these girls are amazing. :)

but as well as friends, my family is pretty stuffed up. but i dont want to think about things being stuffed up. i want to look as life in a postive way, so thats what i'll do. positivity works, its just hard. like really hard, it takes time to love yourself, but when you do its worth it. so yeah. just a little bit of advice, which is kinda like silly but whatevs.

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